Florida probes second possible Zika case in non-traveler

The CDC has been expecting that the mosquitoes could eventually spread the virus in parts of the USA with warm and humid climates like Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

In addition to mosquitoes, the Zika virus can be transmitted through sex. FILE - In this January 18, 2016, file photo, a female Aedes aegypti mosquito acquires a blood meal on the arm of a researcher at the Biomedical Sciences Institute in the Sao Paulo's University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health on Friday warned women who are pregnant and have a sexual partner who has traveled to a country where Zika is circulating to abstain from sex for the duration of the pregnancy or use condoms.

Florida's health officials are conducting researches about a second possible Zika case spread by locally infected mosquitoes. Because it can cause birth defects including microcephaly, Zika is even more worrying. Babies with microcephaly often have smaller brains that might not develop properly.

There have been 1,403 travel-associated cases of the virus reported in the United States since 2015.

There are several known mosquito species in Florida, and these species include Aedes aegypti, the species that can transmit a number of tropical diseases, including dengue fever and Zika.

At the Zika workshop, Dr. Marc Fischer, chief of surveillance and epidemiology activity at the arboviral diseases branch of the CDC, said the agency has worked with state health departments to establish strategies to identify possible local transmission in the United States. The CDC will also provide guidance about Zika infection for anyone living in the affected area.

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The Health Department said it's working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the case.

The city health department on Wednesday urged women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant to delay travel to areas affected by the virus.

Zika virus during pregnancy can be more serious.

The deceased patient reportedly traveled outside the country where Zika cases are high and apparently caught the virus there.

The Obama Administration has requested almost $2 billion to fight Zika but that has yet to be approved by Congress.

The CDC this week announced almost $60 million in stopgap funding to divide between states and territories for local Zika efforts, but its officials also stressed that more money is crucial.

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