Donald Trump releases new doctor's letter declaring clean bill of health

On Wednesday a Bloomberg survey showed that Trump leads her 48 to 43 in the midwestern state. She also repeatedly sidestepped questions about when her running mate Tim Kaine was informed.

An upbeat Clinton walked onstage at a rally in North Carolina to James Brown's song, "I Feel Good". Clinton, according to spokesman Nick Merrill, spent all three days off the campaign trail at her home in Chappaqua, New York, where a steady stream of flowers were seen delivered to the house. "I'm doing great, thank you so much", she replied when asked how she's feeling. "A plan that will make a real difference in people's lives, not prejudice and paranoia".

At her news conference later, Clinton said she agreed that her campaign should have been quicker to release information about her illness, which was only disclosed after she had to abruptly leave a September 11 commemoration ceremony in NY.

Clinton's return to the campaign trail comes as polls show the race tightening both nationally and in key battleground states.

Dr. Lisa Bardack, Mrs. Clinton's physician, wrote that Mrs. Clinton has remained healthy and hasn't developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus infection and ear infection and the recent pneumonia, and that she is "recovering well" with antibiotics and rest.

Mr Trump's team released a doctor's note depicting the 70-year-old as healthy and strong, and giving detailed readings of his cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and vital organs tests.

Chelsea and Bill Clinton have also been hitting the trail as they try compensate for her absence.

The letter from Clinton's doctor made no mention of her weight, a key part of any medical exam, nor did a similar letter released a year ago.

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In a move to jump-start momentum, Clinton's campaign announced Thursday that US senators Elizabeth Warren of MA and Bernie Sanders of Vermont will campaign for her Saturday in the battleground state of Ohio. Presidential candidates routinely travel more than Trump does, and President Obama's crowds in 2008 were far larger than Trump's.

Doctor Lisa Bardack says Clinton came to see her almost two weeks ago and had developed a "low-grade fever, congestion, and fatigue" which Clinton initially passed off as allergies.

On Wednesday, Trump appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss his medical assessment.

According to Thursday's poll, Donald Trump is the favorite among likely voters with 39 percent of the vote.

But, in a seeming admission that the former secretary of state is struggling against her unconventional rival, Ms Palmieri admitted that Mrs Clinton's policy proposals were failing to resonate. "She was a nervous mess", Trump said. The decision has angered businesses in the state, and this week the NCAA announced it was pulling seven sports championships from North Carolina. "I've said it from the very beginning whether I was up, down, it didn't matter", Clinton said.

"When will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry?"

Trump, after releasing his health information, spent Thursday laying out plans to lower taxes by $4.4 trillion over a decade and cut regulations, including some of those now meant to protect the food Americans eat and the air they breathe.

In a Thursday morning interview with NY radio host Fred Dicker, Trump continued to press the issue, again making note of Clinton's "stamina".

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