Wife in 'Fault in Our Stars' couple dies

Wife in 'Fault in Our Stars' couple dies

Wife in 'Fault in Our Stars' couple dies

A Kentucky woman whose husband died Saturday from complications from cystic fibrosis died early Thursday from the same disease.

Dalton was nearly immediately approved for the list, while Katie Prager had to undergo more tests and wait until June 2013. She had said she didn't know if she could go to the family event after that but just as Dalton had given me the strength to get through the last few day, he had given her the strength knowing it would be her last outing. They realized they were falling in love, but Katie's doctor urged her not to meet with him in person, because Dalton had an infection called Burkholderia cepacia, which can be deadly for people with cystic fibrosis. She was in hospice care in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, when her husband died.

"I just told Dalton I'd rather have somebody that I was totally in love with for five years, than be either lonely or not as happy with somebody for 20 years".

But neither of the transplants were successful for long. Seven years later, Dalton succumbed to his illness Saturday, and on Thursday, his wife also died.

Katie Prager dies of cystic fibrosis five days after husband's death
Katie Prager dies of cystic fibrosis five days after husband's death

The battle was not over and in December 2015, steroid treatments began to battle an onset of transplant rejection in Katie Prager. She started hospice care on September 2.

Dalton moved back to suburban St. Louis after a lung transplant in 2014 so his parents could care for him. "Life is short, love as hard as you can", Katie's mother wrote on Facebook.

There were plans to reunite the couple, but last week Dalton took a turn for the worse.

They were last together in July to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Dalton gave Katie a necklace for her 19th birthday, which was two days before. But they had lived the life of their dreams, staying in Kentucky near Katie's family and going on vacations where they took selfies with matching oxygen tanks.

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