Betsy DeVos asked whether she supports 'ex-gay' therapy

DeVos held her own on these topics and made it clear she intends to take the department in a different direction. "I think that's best left to states and locales to decide", she answered.

DeVos: Senator Franken, I've never believed in that. By design, DeVos was fomenting a "culture of instability" throughout the system, which was a threat to traditional and charter schools alike.

Donald Trump's nominee to run the U.S. Department of Education was asked this week about her support of the law firm that represented Dover Area School District in the 2005 intelligent design trial.

Those listening in on this week's often combative back-and-forth between Democrats and DeVos heard more than a few freaky moments, including one in which DeVos spoke of the grizzly bear threat to schools and seemed to indicate she did not understand the details of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. DeVos also said "it would be premature" for her to promise to follow Title IX guidelines on campus sexual assault (which prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex and advise taking immediate action to address incidents of sexual harassment and assault). Havemen, a former investor who became close to the Prince family, was sentenced in October to more than three years in prison for stealing $16 million from DeVos' mother.

Alexander told USA Today earlier this week the committee could vote on DeVos' nomination as early as next Tuesday, after which it would be sent to the floor of the U.S. Senate for final confirmation.

On school vouchers: DeVos has long lobbied for states to allow parents to use public funds to pay private school tuition.

"I don't understand reviewing it", Warren said.

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Senate democrats questioned her involvement in the foundation during her confirmation hearing Tuesday night.

"I think we're selling our kids short by not being able to have a debate on this", Franken said.

"She is a woman who is very firmly committed to school choice, and that commitment extends to Catholic schools", he said. (DeVos cited a school in Wyoming that has a fence to keep out grizzly bears; such a school, she said, might need a gun to protect against "potential grizzlies.") And the councilwoman was dismayed when DeVos, in a tense back-and-forth with Sen.

And the idea that we are going to potentially put somebody into the Department of Education who believes that it's okay for guns to be in our schools, for teachers to be armed, boy, I think that sends shivers down the spine of nearly every parent in this country. We talked about this in my office.

Some of the Tweets mocked DeVos, but others raised concerns about her qualifications to lead the agency that oversees the nation's public schools.

Her common-sensed reply was fantastic...

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