Health studies show that you age faster, the longer you sit

Health studies show that you age faster, the longer you sit

Health studies show that you age faster, the longer you sit

These telomeres are located at the end of a DNA strand. Although shortened telomeres have been linked to certain diseases, everyone's telomeres shorten over time.

Women who maintain an active lifestyle as they get older may age more slowly than those who are more sedentary, California researchers say. Furthermore, other conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancers, might accelerate the degeneration. But when he focused on the women who did not meet the recommended 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily, he began to see some interesting trends.

For the objective of this study, Shadyab and his team asked the help of 1,500 women, with ages between 60 and 95-years old.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of California, San Diego State University, the State University of NY at Buffalo, the University of Washington, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, George Washington University, the University of Florida and Northwestern University, all in the US. For the duration of the project (approximately one week), the participants were asked to wear a special monitor and to complete a series of questionnaires pertaining to their daily habits.

Telomeres are portrayed as acting prefer the plastic tips on shoelaces and normally abbreviate and shred as a cell ages.

The study is published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The researchers carried out a lot of comparisons and used multiple models to try to show sedentary time was linked to telomere length. Women were aged 79.2 (standard deviation, 6.7) years, on average.

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The sedentary time was assessed using both self-reporting and an accelerometer.

Researchers who assessed almost 1,500 older women found those who sat most of the day and got little exercise had cells that were biologically older by eight years than the women's actual age.

Specifically, low physical activity seemed to account for an 8-year biological age gap between those who exercised and those who did not. The lead scientist and his colleagues found out that the cells of those who have a sedentary lifestyle are eight years older than their chronological age.

All of the United Kingdom media outlets that covered the study implied that a direct cause and effect relationship between sitting down and cell ageing had been proven.

The research team believe that they are the first to objectively measure how the combination of sedentary time and exercise can affect biological aging. He also highlights the importance of lifestyle choices on telomere length and aging.

Dr Aladdin Shadyab, lead study author, from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, said: "We found that women who sat for longer did not have shorter telomere length if they exercised for at least 30 minutes a day".

Dr. Shadyab said future reviews will analyze the impacts of practice on telomeres will concentrate on men and more youthful populaces.

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