Justin Bieber returns to Instagram after months-long break

Initially, the star made a brief return to Instagram two weeks after he quit the site in August following a row with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, but he later deactivated his account again. Selena Gomez teased a new song on February 3, and we loved it, but now that we've seen the lyrics, we believe there's a good change the sexy tune is about her most famous ex, Justin Bieber!

"I had a dream / We were back at 17 / Summer nights and liberties / Never growing up..." If Selena Gomez appeared recently in string, Bella Hadid proved to her that she had nothing to envy him, just like Kendall Jenner. Perhaps she's referring to those first happy moments before the whole six-year-on-off-dramatic-AF relationship saga really kicked in?

The Revival singer posted a story on Instagram with a few seconds of a song from Selena Gomez New Album.

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Gomez even went so far to make it Instagram-official (albeit briefly).

Justin Bieber deleted the Instagram account a year ago. "I would try to promote something that I loved", she told Marie Claire, "and the entire interview would be about my personal life".

Despite the loved up theme to the day SelGo seemingly had the best and most chilled out time, as she hung out with her friends and shouted at the telly. Coincidentally, her co-writers were also the ones who wrote the song "Let Me Love You" by Bieber. This may also be a hint that she's in the studio putting the finishing touches on this track. In late 2015, Selena Gomez sparked rumors of a reunion with her former boyfriend after they were seen strolling down a street in Los Angeles.

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