Solar Power Industry Continues to Grow Jobs-51000 in 2016

Vox reports that solar energy accounts for only 1.3 percent of electricity in the US today, but it's increasing and in that growth, one of every 50 new jobs in the 2016 was in the solar industry. Solar energy companies employed 260,077 workers in 2016, an increase of more than 51,000 jobs.

Florida added 1,700 solar-industry jobs in 2016, a 26 percent increase, according to a national non-profit that promotes solar power.

One reason for the higher-than-usual number of jobs added is because of the growth in utility-scale solar projects a year ago.

Many states that voted for President Trump saw significant growth in solar jobs previous year, including Indiana, Louisiana, Nebraska and Wisconsin, according to the report.

In 2015, Utah had 2,679 solar-related jobs.

Solar jobs in America increased at an "historic" pace in 2016 on "unprecedented" consumer demand as the cost of solar panels declined, according to The Solar Foundation's National Solar Jobs Census 2016.

"If President Trump wants jobs, I hope he'll look at the American solar industry, because we're an American success story", she said.

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Despite the bump in utility-scale solar projects, workers that install solar panels on home rooftops made up a large portion of both the new jobs created and current jobs held.

The Solar Foundation's results are based on what it described as "rigorous survey efforts".

The new study will likely add firepower to arguments from Democrats and clean energy supporters against the Trump administration, which has prioritized fossil fuels in its energy plan. The 25-percent increase was the largest measured in a given year since the census started in 2010. But outside of solar, the DOE's January report noted that the nation's wind technology sector grew 32 percent in 2016 to employ 101,738 workers, coal electricity generation and coal fuel production employed 160,119 in 2016, the petroleum industry employed 502,678, and natural gas grew by 6 percent since 2009 to now support 392,869 jobs.

A renewable energy group says the state of Utah now has more than 4,400 jobs in the solar industry.

Trump is a climate change skeptic who has expressed doubts about the role of clean energy in the USA energy landscape.

One out of every 50 new was in the solar industry.

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