Basketball team left hanging by bus driver, charged with DWI

Basketball team left hanging by bus driver, charged with DWI

Basketball team left hanging by bus driver, charged with DWI

St. Bonaventure, N.Y. (KTRS) The Saint Louis University men's basketball team lost a game and then its bus while playing in NY. O'Callaghan said law enforcement officers are grateful because they know the outcome could have been much different, considering Edmister's level of intoxication.

Last night, the SLU basketball team was unable to leave immediately after its game against St. Bonaventure. Authorities say Linda Edmister, 56, had been driving with a 0.22 blood alcohol content. Police found Edmister on Main Street in the Town of Randolph.

Edmister was charged with driving while intoxicated in a commercial vehicle. It couldn't be learned if she has a lawyer who could comment on the accusations. The Billikens posted a tweet also thanking Bonaventure staff for helping them.

Troopers administered standard field sobriety tests, which they said she failed.

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Another bus eventually picked up Saint Louis, a rebuilding A-10 team on the losing end of a 70-55 verdict that night.

After waiting for an hour after the game, another bus took the traveling party to Randolph, where the equipment was transferred for a 40-mile drive to the airport to catch their chartered flight.

O'Callaghan said police don't believe Edmister was drunk when she drove the team to the arena. The team then flew out of an airport in Bradford, Pennsylvania, and arrived in St. Louis around 3 a.m. local time.

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