'Bathroom bill': NC could lose more NCAA events, sports group says

'Bathroom bill': NC could lose more NCAA events, sports group says

'Bathroom bill': NC could lose more NCAA events, sports group says

Lawmakers introduce the legislation on the heels of a letter from the North Carolina Sports Association to the state legislature informing lawmakers that keeping HB2 on the books will result in the loss of all NCAA championship events through 2022 and an estimated loss $250 million in revenue for the state. The state law went beyond voiding that ordinance, however, to exclude the LGBT community from nondiscrimination protections and prevent cities from setting their own minimum wages.

The editorial staff of The East Carolinian hopes Cooper and the NCAA will better its communication in order to keep the athletic events in North Carolina.

Today, Equality NC and HRC praised the introduction of companion bills in the North Carolina House and Senate to repeal HB2 and replace it with statewide, LGBTQ-inclusive, non-discrimination protections - the same commonsense protections that exist in 19 states and more than 100 cities across the country.

House Bill 82 was filed by Reps.

An effort to repeal House Bill 2 failed in December, but Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Roy Cooper continue to press for new repeal votes in the General Assembly. Pricey Harrison, Susan Fisher, and Deb Butler. If Cooper is working as diligently as he says he is at repealing HB2, then perhaps the NCAA should soften its stance and extend its deadline to accommodate the process involved. The bill would expand nondiscrimination laws for housing, employment, credit, insurance, public accommodations, and education to protect the LGBT community.

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The bills designate gender identity, sexual orientation, family status and military status as protected groups under the law.

"The NCAA is watching us closely to see what North Carolina stands for". They also urged Republican legislative leaders to act quickly on repeal or the state will face more economic losses. "2 with this new bill, a real non-discrimination bill, a bill that recognizes the contributions LGBT North Carolinians make to this state, is a critical and essential step forward".

"These bills would open bathrooms, showers, locker rooms and changing facilities across North Carolina to anyone at any time and would enact into law the exact weapons used in other states to attack and punish people of faith who are seeking to peacefully live their lives and operate their businesses in accordance with their deeply held religious beliefs", John Rustin said. "And how do you maintain equal protection?" Similar legislation was filed a year ago.

But the bill might not get a hearing in the Republican-dominated legislature.

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