Russian airstrike kills 3 Turkish soldiers in Syria

Russian airstrike kills 3 Turkish soldiers in Syria

Russian airstrike kills 3 Turkish soldiers in Syria

With the advances, the Syrian army troops have reached areas less than two kilometers from al-Bab District and cut off main supply routes of terrorists in the region, the Syrian sources said.

Russian airstrikes have accidentally killed three Turkish soldiers and injured 11 others in northern Syria, Russia's Defense Ministry confirmed.

Turkey has repeatedly said it wants to be part of the US -led operation to retake Raqqa, but does not want the YPG, which has been backed by Washington, to be involved.

President Vladimir Putin promptly called his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to express regrets over what the Russian leader called a "tragic incident".

The airstrike took place on Thursday morning near the town of al-Bab, which Turkish troops and Turkey-backed Syrian opposition fighters are trying to capture from the Islamic State group.

He also said Turkish forces had no plans to stay in Syria once the area had been cleared of both IS and Kurdish YPG militia fighters, whom his government sees as a hostile force.

The death toll for Turkish troops fighting in Syria is now at 67.

Russian airstrike kills 3 Turkish soldiers in Syria

"Daesh [ISIS] militants started to withdraw from al-Bab city".

A senior military expert underlined that the Syrian army will not let the Turkish army or Kurdish forces to win control of the strategic city of al-Bab in Northern Aleppo province.

"Once Raqqa is liberated after Mosul, we will see the beginning of the end of this awful caliphate", Fallon said, citing the caliphate the Islamic State declared in large swathes of Syria and Iraq in 2014.

There was no immediate comment from Damascus on the reported clashes.

Turkish armed forces said in statement that the soldiers' coordinates had been shared with the Russian military officials at the Hmeymim air base in Syria, and with the Russian military attache in Ankara, a day before the incident.

Al-Bab, one of the Islamic State group's last major strongholds in Syria besides its self-declared capital of Raqqa, has emerged as the latest epicenter of the Syrian conflict, where the interests of various stakeholders converge.

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