Jeff Sessions Is Already Refusing to Protect Trans Students

Jeff Sessions Is Already Refusing to Protect Trans Students

Jeff Sessions Is Already Refusing to Protect Trans Students

Last year, the Obama administration issued guidance saying transgender students should be allowed to use whichever bathroom they identify with, citing Title IX of federal law that guarantees equality in education. "But the Trump administration is a mess".

In a statement emailed to The Christian Post on Monday, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon said that his organization was "pleased the Department of Justice has withdrawn the motion filed by the previous administration at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding President Obama's transgender bathroom directive".

The Trump administration signaled on February 11 that it will not defend controversial federal guidelines that had been issued by Obama for transgender students.

On Friday, the day after conservative Jeff Sessions was sworn in as U.S. Attorney General, the U.S. Justice Department dropped an appeal of a Texas court injunction that blocked transgender students from using facilities that correspond with their gender identity. "Transgender students thrive when treated equally, but too often, they are not". In a filling done Friday, the Justice Department withdrew its request to limit an injunction halting the enforcement of existing civil rights laws in providing protections for transgender students. "Transgender students are not going away, and it remains the legal and moral duty of schools to support all students".

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Though the withdrawal doesn't immediately affect students in a tangible way due to the ongoing Texas court order, it signals the unlikelihood of Trump's Justice Department moving forward on transgender rights.

Oral arguments in the case are scheduled to begin on Tuesday. Schools found in violation of that guidance-based on the Obama administration's interpretation that the prohibitions against sex discimination in Title IX apply to gender identity-could be penalized with a loss of federal funds. In the August ruling, Judge O'Connor agreed with the 13 states and issued a temporary injunction. "Transgender students are entitled to the full protection of the United States Constitution and our federal nondiscrimination laws". And it does nothing to allay fears prompted by a draft of an executive order on "religious freedom" that was leaked to the press earlier this month.

A statement from the White House read in part, "President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights, just as he has been throughout the election". The dispute involves Gavin Grimm, a transgender high school student in Virginia, and the Gloucester County School Board. In April, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Gavin, deferring to the Obama administration's position that barring transgender students from bathrooms that align with their gender identity is sex discrimination.

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