Unlimited Data Is Back At Verizon, But Of Course With Caveats

Unlimited Data Is Back At Verizon, But Of Course With Caveats

Unlimited Data Is Back At Verizon, But Of Course With Caveats

The user's current phone number must be switched to Verizon and the bill must be enrolled in paperless auto-pay in order for the plan's offer to apply, according to a company press release.

Wireless carriers are constantly trying to steal customers from each other, and Verizon's latest attempt at growing its customer base includes a throwback to an old and much-loved idea: unlimited data plans.

But T-Mobile's feisty CEO John Legere doesn't like being publicly shamed, so he took to Twitter to announce some changes to T-Mobile's ONE plan that should put the company back in front. Under it, customers will get unlimited voice calls, text messages and data, with the cap of 22GB per month per line, after which data speeds might slow down. Also, Sprint's market capitalization remained lower than T-Mobile's.

Starting Monday, Verizon is offering unlimited data plans to consumers. In comparison, two lines on Verizon Unlimited will run you $140. The plan is $45 per line for four lines with unlimited data, talk, and text for smartphones and tablets if you AutoPay and choose paper-free billing.

Your move, Verizon. Your move.

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This change means that all four of the top mobile carriers in the US offer unlimited data plans.

"Verizon has always positioned itself as the premium player with the best network", Heger said. Sprint charges $55 per month for a single subscriber, and AT&T's unlimited plan is only available to AT&T U-verse or DirecTV subscribers.

Verizon's new plans reward those with more lines. Carriers are using them to undercut one another on price and poach customers from the competition. The plan allows the connection of device sliek smart watches and others for $5 per month. The price goes down slightly for every line you have on the account.

You'll also get "unlimited" mobile hotspot with this new plan, but there are some exceptions here as well.

"You need to read the fine lines and when you read that". And, after the included 10GB of high-speed data, customers still get unlimited 3G data through the end of the month.

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