Aaron Carter Hits Back At Racist Comment Claims After On-Stage Assault

Aaron Carter was attacked by a fellow musician Friday night who apparently felt the singer had made a racial slur against him, and the fight ended with a trip by Aaron to the ER.

The 29-year-old entertainer was allegedly attacked by one of the band members of his opening act, ILL State, according to TMZ. "Carter continued with a cocky attitude and continued it by telling him to leave and saying, "Bye Felipe".

Carter noticed the disturbance and asked his security to remove the musician, Billboard said. Sure, his decision to say, "Bye, Felipe", to the hispanic man disrupting his concert was in poor taste (It was a play on the popular Youtube video, "Bye, Felicia"). Aaron was taken to the hospital and police are said to be investigating the case. The man rushed back into the venue and attacked Carter and damaged his equipment, too.

Carter chose to prove that he isn't a racist after he made a racially-fueled comment during a concert by ranting on Twitter about how he has. get ready to facepalm. "News flash my band consists of three fantastic black funk musicians and an Italian guitar player from Italy Simone Stan Petey and p bass..."

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He also tweeted: "Chillen w my boys before I finally get to bed. hospitals suck".

Despite being hospitalized however, he's reminded fans "he's still standing", adding in a picture posted from his stay, 'My face is still pretty though and untouched'.

"I didn't get beat up I got a hit and pushed when I wasn't looking and they ran out the club and I stood on the speakers waiting for them?"

Police are now investigating the incident. Carter also said that even after what happened, some people are still threatening to get him into "physical altercations".

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