Blair defends Guantanamo release for 'Isis bomber'

The compensation settlement was shared between four former detainees and included reimbursement for their costs, they said.

The Islamic State identified the 50-year-old bomber as Abu Zakariya al-Britani, a Muslim convert from Manchester.

BBC news identified one of the bombers as Ronald Fiddler aka al-Britani ("the Briton"), who was captured in Afghanistan by USA troops and shipped to Guantanamo in 2002. He had revealed information about the Taliban's methods and he was released after two years.

The man, dubbed Abu Zakariya al-Britani, blew himself up in a vehicle full of explosives near the battleground of Mosul, Iraq.

Guess which paper campaigned for al-Harith's release?

Ben Sakrisson acknowledges that the US held a British suspected terrorist identified by a name slightly different from the one used by the alleged suicide bomber - Jamal Malik al-Harith - at the Guantánamo prison between February 2002 and March 2004. It was this that MI5 failed to pick up.

Echoing Maj. Sakrisson, an unnamed USA defense official also told Fox News it was "very much in doubt" whether the American military imprisoned Harith for two years at the Guantánamo facility, known as Gitmo.

"He was a peaceful and gentle person".

His relatives insisted he did not receive £1m in compensation, adding: "The family last heard from him in 2014 and have since then been desperately anxious about his fate".

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"It is him, I can tell by his smile", the brother, Leon Jameson, told the Times of London.

Ms May's spokesman said to each question: "It is an intelligence matter". "The irony is that when I was first told in Afghanistan that I would be in the custody of the Americans", he said.

"He did what he could for other people, which is what he used to always be like".

USA interrogators found he provided useful information to them about the Taliban's methods, and he was released after two years, according to the BBC. "If he didn't even listen to his wife, none of us could have really changed his mind".

The Daily Mail, a British tabloid, took a swipe at Tony Blair, who was prime minister when Harith was released from the prison camp in Cuba. Harith later received £1m in compensation.

Blair issued a statement acknowledging he coordinated the release, but not the massive payout years later, and noted the enormous public pressure back then to let al-Harith walk free.

'It should never have been paid on the merits.

"He was not paid compensation by my Government".

In a strongly worded statement, Blair called the Mail's coverage "utter hypocrisy".

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