Logan will have a post-credits scene, so stay until the end

In fact, he's doubly right - not only would Wolverine (the movie version, certainly, but the same could argued for his comic book incarnation) seem utterly incongruous putting on a superhero costume as most people recognize them, but the classic Wolverine comic book costume is one that would just look utterly ridiculous on him, and nearly any other human being ever.

In an interview with ScreenRant, #Logan director James Mangold explained the decision to resist the urge to add more characters than necessary, instead keeping most of the focus on #Wolverine, Charles Xavier and mutant newcomer X-23.

I was lucky enough to see an early screening of Logan a few days ago, and that screening did not feature a post-credits scene.

Or, probably most likely, James Mangold felt that the movie was absolutely fine without a post-credits scene, but Fox has forced one into the movie in order to tease New Mutants, the next X-Men movie that we'll be getting. There is also a race for special effects and casting which does not necessarily bring a plus. The film, in fact, nods more heavily toward the Mad Max and Terminator franchises - which themselves play like apocalyptic Westerns - and even winks toward 1953's classic "Shane". In those circumstances, building a solid foundation for each character can be tricky. For example, Fox did it with X-Men: Apocalypse previous year, and Marvel Studios famously waited until after The Avengers had its press junket and world premiere before they shot the shawarma scene that was added to the end of the movie.

The #MCU handles things differently, instead opting for a series of solo films to build rapport before leading in to an eventual team-up, such as The Avengers (2012), Age of Ultron (2015) and Civil War (2016). "In this film, I'm playing a character who is finally vulnerable".

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Considering the popularity and financial success of such movies, it'd be naive to say this format is redundant.

Although Logan works on many levels, Mangold's fitting exploration into Wolverine's character is heightened by the film's R-rating, as well as the #XMen's diminished powers.

I can't imagine that Mangold would be ok with undermining the tone of his movie with a goofy post-credits sequence.

"Logan" hits United Kingdom theaters on March 1 and US theaters on March 3. Not that he's exactly eager to accept this newfound responsibility-he's far too tired to play the hero once more.

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