President Trump's New Travel Ban Takes Iraq Off List

President Trump's New Travel Ban Takes Iraq Off List

President Trump's New Travel Ban Takes Iraq Off List

The new order is created to replace an earlier travel ban that was blocked by federal courts and is expected to be signed by the president later on Wednesday. An earlier order was blocked by federal courts.

The White House's decision to halt suspension of refugees from the seven nations has struck a nerve among some activists.

Trump said his new executive order would be "very much tailored" to those rulings to ensure it passes legal muster this time.

Trump's executive order will still include Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen along with a 120 day suspension of admittance of refugees from any country.

The order went into effect immediately to worldwide outrage as travellers from these nations were either detained at arrival in the U.S. or were turned away from airports when they came to board their US-bound flights.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the Department of Justice will engage in a "dual-track" defense strategy by continuing to defend the initial order in court while also defending the upcoming one against expected lawsuits.

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"We want the (executive order) to have its own 'moment, '" a White House official told CNN.

The new travel ban was due to be signed Wednesday but some thought it would have distracted from the well-received speech, CNN reports.

While there is no decision yet, US diplomats told CBS News' Margaret Brennan they are optimistic the White House will sign off on dropping Iraq from the list. In the chaotic week after the order was signed, there were protests nationwide at airports and a NY judge issued an emergency stay against the order the following day.

The Journal described the version that exempted existing visa holders as a "late draft" that could change before Trump signs the official order.

Even after that exception, it was still not exactly tactically shrewd to actively discriminate against citizens of a country whose soldiers are now engaged in active combat alongside USA troops.

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