With Tom Perez, Democrats pick a good chairman for DNC

With Tom Perez, Democrats pick a good chairman for DNC

With Tom Perez, Democrats pick a good chairman for DNC

New Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez will attend President Trump's speech to Congress Tuesday as the guest of former DNC race rival Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.).

Clinton supporters, former Obama administration officials and the more moderate side of the Democratic Party generally backed Perez.On the other hand, Ellison was supported by Sanders advocates and the more progressive wing of the party. NHDP Chairman Raymond Buckley dropped his own candidacy for DNC chairman on February 18 and backed U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison.

Sometimes I wish I were a Republican.

I realize many Sanders supporters are still bitter over the machinations employed by the Clintons and their backers at the DNC to keep Bernie from winning the nomination.

I guess there are two ways of looking at Perez's narrow win over Ellison: You can agree with Trump, seeing it as proof of a party rigged by leaders to exclude lefties from positions of power. And don't get too happy. "And it's his worst nightmare".

It's not that Perez isn't doing his best.

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Shaheen said Perez's decision to name Ellison deputy chairman was "perfect". As soon as he was declared the victor, he appointed Ellison as deputy chair of the DNC. All over the country, millions of people are getting organized and demonstrating against the president and the broken policies of the Republican Party. If the Sanders folks trust him ("There's a lot of action but it has to be channeled into the Democratic Party"), they should trust Perez, and Clinton, and Obama - and the Central Intelligence Agency, the NSA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Martha Fuller Clark and Democratic National Committeeman Shaheen.

Rather, many on the American right (or, more precisely, we, including the more libertarian-leaning among us, who are on the non-left) recognize that Donald Trump's emphasis on the deconstruction of the regulatory state, reducing the size of the federal government, implementing tax reform and simplification, repealing and replacing Obamacare, and moving able-bodied Americans off welfare and onto the work rolls fit squarely within the traditions and goals of Reagan Republicans.

Cracraft said Bruin Democrats did not endorse anyone for the race, but supports Perez. Donald Trump won by 14 points, and [Republican moderates] picked up 14 seats in the state Legislature because there's radical social engineering going on by Gov. Brownback. We appreciate his taking the press to task (though we might think it's time to move on to a more substantive conversation). "We are going to support those candidates that have the guts to stand up to the one-percent and fight for the ninety-nine percent", Sanders told CNN Anchor Jake Tapper.

Specifically, Buckley said he also expects the DNC to bolster state parties with more training opportunities and more party surrogates to speak at local conventions. But it is a fragile unity. But in many ways this wing of the party is tone deaf. It will be recalled that there were an unusual number of recount efforts - even by those who conceded they did not have the evidence. They may support President Trump's Democrat-worthy budget-busting call for a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending and the awful idea of import tariffs under the more pleasant name of a "border-adjustable tax".

So what will happen, when the GOP goes down these Trump-guided but distinctly not Reaganesque roads? Call it reforming the party or entryism; whatever it is, it's starting to work. "And most of all, it didn't get involved in grassroots organizing and campaigning".

In the months leading up to this past weekend's election for chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Republican commentators were already playing the Farrakhan card on Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison, one of top candidates for the gig.

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