97-year-old twins who died together remembered as inspiring

97-year-old twins who died together remembered as inspiring

97-year-old twins who died together remembered as inspiring

Twin sisters who were 97 years old froze to death in the cold after tripping and falling outside their Barrington, Rhode Island, home Friday, Barrington Police report.

Martha Williams of East Providence, and twin sister, Jean Haley, of Barrington, died of what authorities believe was hypothermia over the weekend.

They said Williams was headed to her auto to leave when she fell down near the near of the vehicle.

Police Chief John LaCross told Eyewitness News Williams was face down in the driveway and Haley was face down in the garage.

Haley went to call police for help, but she tripped and fell in the garage. They were found on Saturday morning outside Ms Haley's home in the small town of Barrington, about ten miles from Providence, at the edge of a street that borders the water.

LaCross said that both were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

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Investigators do not suspect foul play in the death of the women, who went out for dinner for their 89-year-old sister on Friday.

The twins were found dead outside their Rhode Island, US home.

This undated photo provided by the Haley family shows Jean Haley, of Barrington, R.I., when she was about 25 years old. A neighbor found them Saturday morning.

Overnight temperatures in the area had dropped as low as minus 11C.

The exact causes of death have not been determined but Barrington police believe the extremely cold temperatures may have been a factor.

On Sunday, family members and neighbours, returning from morning church services, gathered around the house in the cold and mourned, the Providence Journal reported.

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