Warriors 112. Knicks 105: 'ECF - Extremely Comforting Failure'

Warriors 112. Knicks 105: 'ECF - Extremely Comforting Failure'

Warriors 112. Knicks 105: 'ECF - Extremely Comforting Failure'

Madison Square Garden's decision to play no sound during warmups or stoppages in play in the first half Sunday created a setting that was more fitting for middle school than a nationally televised NBA game. But the Knicks gave their fans absolutely none of that for an entire half. The refs whistled Steve Kerr into a corner when both Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were forced to the bench with three fouls apiece less than halfway through the quarter. That can't happen. I don't understand coach's decision.

"That was pathetic", Green said. That could change later this week, when the Warriors follow up Wednesday's home game against Boston with a back-to-back set in Minnesota and San Antonio. It completely changed it. That's complete disrespect. You advance things in the world to make it better, you don't go back to what was bad.

If you're a little bit lost - which the Warriors were in dropping their first two games after losing Kevin Durant to a knee injury - it's a nice luxury to have someone like Steph Curry to guide you back to the path. Computers can do anything for us. "This is how it's going to be for a while, so we have to get used to it". Why would you do that? For one half of play, the Knicks offered absolutely no in-game entertainment or music during timeouts and other breaks in the action in an attempt to serve today's game with a throwback atmosphere. "It changed the flow of the game", Green said after his team's 112-105 victory. But you get the point. Green pointed to the sloppy play and missing rhythm from both sides, which was evidenced by a combined 23 turnovers, 15 of which came from NY. It was no rhythm to the game.

To make matters even worse, it allowed the Warriors to take the lead in a close game during the 3rd quarter. It just helps you get into a certain area, takes you to a certain place. "I just wanted to remind him that shots may go and they may not, but you're still having a huge game". "That's exactly what they need to do".

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Nowadays, it sometimes seems like going to a professional sporting event is as much about everything off the field as it is on it: concessions, souvenirs, cheerleaders, blaring music, the jumbotron and more. Kristaps Porzingis called it "weird" and Carmelo Anthony referred to it as "different".

So if the Knicks lose a few more games over the next two weeks, the only thing left to watch this season will be the development of their younger players.

And the team also refused to issue an official statement about the lack of music during the game. That'll do. The Knicks' starting center put up a very Ewing-esque 24 points and 15 rebounds. After the response it received, we doubt it. But they were forgetting the contributions of small forward Harrison Barnes, who left for Dallas as a free agent.

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