Sonos Play:3 Wireless Smart Speaker For $255.84

Sonos Play:3 Wireless Smart Speaker For $255.84

Sonos Play:3 Wireless Smart Speaker For $255.84

"Ah", you're likely saying, "but Sonos can't make their products voice controllable". Its primary function is to replace the built-in speakers on flat-screen TVs, which are typically a bit weedy. Not much of a successor, it is like an alternative to the Playbar.

In addition, Playbase's 28.4-inch width and 14.2-inch depth were carefully researched to ensure the speaker system fits on top of nearly any piece of furniture and under most popular 40- to 59-inch TVs, which account for 70 percent of TVs on the market, said Ian Popkin, product creation leader.

For television sets with TV stands beneath, Sonos Playbase can be put directly underneath the TV.

The Sonos PLAYBASE will be released on April 4th, and it'll cost $699 in either black or white.

Soundbases are essentially soundbars, only flatter and deeper, and created to bear the weight of your TV.

Chris Kallai, head of product management, said Playbase's dimensions "fit 95 percent of the top 70 TVs".

The new Sonos Playbase soundbar is created to hide under your television and give your lounge room an audio overhaul.

The Sonos PlayBase features ten class-D digital amplifiers, along with a ten-driver speaker system comprising six mid-range drivers, three tweeters and one woofer, all of which have been custom designed for the PlayBase. There's no HDMI, but Sonos likes to keep things simple. The company's wireless speakers offer a seamless way to stream high-quality music in one room or throughout an entire home. We heard the PlayBase on its own, as well as in a 5:1 setup with a SUB and two Play:1's and both were very impressive. Popken then reveals how Sonos worked on developing the subwoofer port space in order to deliver proper low-end performance in such a thin design.

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As for features? Well, this is Sonos, and typically the Playbase makes up for a shortage of physical elements with software. Playbase can be controlled via the Sonos app or through touch controls on the top surface of the speaker. To achieve true 5:1 surround audio, you will need a pair of Sonos speakers, which Playbase can connect to wirelessly.

The Sonos Playbase will also support Amazon Alexa-based products, though right now in Australia, that number isn't exactly high, with no locally available products supporting it at this time.

Proprietary TruePlay room-correction technology compensates for the negative effects of a particular room's acoustic properties on sound and the impact of placing Playbase in the corner of a room at an angle.

Enough about what it does, now how does it sound? Producer Giles Martin, who holds the position of "Sound Experience Leader" at Sonos, said he conferred with movie composers and music studio engineers alike to find the right balance for the Playbase.

Industrywide sales of under-TV speaker bases are down, but wireless-multiroom-audio supplier Sonos expects its first under-TV speaker to succeed where others have failed. The sound doesn't harden up just to seem crisp. I reckon the Playbar offers more solid bass while the Playbase has greater bass extension - less of it, but deeper.

Playbase's dimensions are "wide enough for TVs but not too big for the furniture that you have", added Michael Papish, global platform marketing director. Instead, the PlayBase has a premium and considered finish that would fit in most homes.

Will the Playbase re-energise the sound base category?

But I have other questions. I also didn't get to play with the Trueplay room-calibration element, so my audio experience isn't entirely reflective of what the Playbase can do.

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