Cheerios Seeds: Bees Need Help, So Cereal Maker Giving Away Free Flowers

Cheerios Seeds: Bees Need Help, So Cereal Maker Giving Away Free Flowers

Cheerios Seeds: Bees Need Help, So Cereal Maker Giving Away Free Flowers

It's hard to pay attention to the small details when you're groggily having your cereal in the morning - but if you look closely tomorrow morning, you'll see that the bee is missing on the Honey Nut Cheerios box.

The company, partnering with Vesey Seeds, is pledging to send out 100 million wildflower seeds. Supporters were encouraged to plant wildflowers in "bee-friendly" areas and share stories using the hashtag #BringBacktheBees.

There's a serious decline of bees within multiple species, and many fear that an extinction of the food supplying insects could be near.

Anyone interested in helping with the Bring Back the Bees campaign can sign up on the Cheerios website to receive 100 free seeds. Said General Mills Canada marketing director Emma Eriksson, "We have a bee as our mascot and honey in our product, so we thought somebody should be championing this cause, and we thought that we could be a great champion".

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In 2016, for the first time in American history, bees will received protection under the Endangered Species Act.

- Cheerios is launching a new campaign to help boost the global bee population. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 42% of US bee colonies collapsed in 2015.

Therefore, Cheerios proclaimed that "People need bees".

Mainly, those are habitat loss (nearly 40 percent of all land is used for agriculture, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization), climate change (the land that's left is changing, and this is shrinking the ranges of some bees) and rampant chemical use. It's been estimated that one in three bites of food we eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators and that 70 out of the top 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees.

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