Dallas baby dies after multiple 'ghost' calls swamp 911 service

Dallas baby dies after multiple 'ghost' calls swamp 911 service

Dallas baby dies after multiple 'ghost' calls swamp 911 service

Both city officials and T-Mobile say that Dallas' aging 911 infrastructure could be playing a part in the issue. Her 6-month-old son died hours later, and authorities are now investigating whether an issue with T-Mobile phones contributed to his passing.

The manual callbacks further clog the call line.

"As you can well imagine this situation is very frustrating", he said, adding, "This is the No. 1 priority we're facing right now as a city".

Alex said she rushed home to pick up her son and get him to a hospital, but that was almost an hour after the babysitter had made the first call to 911 and by then, Brandon had stopped breathing.

On the fourth attempt when the babysitter called, she says she was on hold for 31 minutes. However, an issue involving T-Mobile customers in Dallas is interfering with speedy 911 contact. The company's immediate advice for citizens, Carey said, is to resist the urge to hang up the call if they are put on hold because calling multiple times makes the problem worse.

"We have had long and frank conversations about this", Rawlings said.

At this point, officials said that they could not connect the child's death to the T-Mobile "ghost call issue".

Since the baby sitter did not have a auto to take Brandon to the hospital, his mother sped home and rushed him to Methodist Dallas Medical Center herself. "And so the value of those officers' time should definitely be sought from T-Mobile".

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This time the call was effective and Dallas Fire Rescue arrived on the scene within minutes, "But had they been there at 9:05 rather than 9:25, Brian might have been resuscitated", said Taffet.

The babysitter called 911 three times, Alex said.

T-Mobile engineers are in working to fix the problem.

Rawlings had no answer but he shared his condolences, as he did for Alex.

"I don't want to start hearing about more people dying as a result of people waiting to get through for help", Taffet said.

The calls then appear on a dispatcher's screen as hang-ups. The Dallas Police Department is now investigating the case, which may be linked to problems at the Dallas 911 center which has been overwhelmed with "ghost calls".

The City of Dallas reported that T-Mobile phones were spontaneously dialing 911 leaving a babysitter unable to reach 911 on Sat., March 11, 2017, because their lines were swamped that evening. "It took me to lose my son for y'all to call extra people, extra techs to be here". We will update this story if we get additional information. "Like I thought 911 one was supposed to be there to help us but in this case I lost my son".

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