Health care fever picks up heat in the heartland

Health care fever picks up heat in the heartland

Health care fever picks up heat in the heartland

Remember, most people are covered by their employer's health care plan. There are more than thirty thousand in our seventh Congressional District. Instead we get a program that does a little and spawns private sector companies that sell insurance to supplement what the government can not cover.

They promised all Americans would have access to affordable quality health care. Going to the doctor and getting meds when you have the flu should not cost you so much.

But the bill is more than just what happens to health care premiums. Sen.

They decided that every American human being, no matter what their sex, age, health or personal needs or desires, deserved Cadillac care for any possible sickness or service. That means some aspects of the ACA the Republicans want to get rid of or change will have to be accomplished with subsequent legislation. "I don't think this is a single piece of legislation". "We pay taxes to support public goods, things like national parks, things like public safety, things like infrastructure that we as individuals may never use", she says.

A Fitch report last week indicated medical care providers who care for Medicaid patients could be hit hard given the CBO projects the uninsured rate to rise to "19% of the non-elderly population from the current 10%". Some people are facing "astronomical" costs for prescription drugs, he said.

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Some big insurers dropped popular plans, leaving those seeking individual coverage fewer options.People in about a third of USA counties had to turn to a single insurer if they purchased coverage on health care exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act. I was not expecting Insurance Reform.

Then there are the tea party Republicans, who'd like to abolish entitlement programs and certainly don't want tax credits for lower-income people of the kind in the Republican plan.

According to a recent Pew Research study, the majority of Republicans earning $30,000 per year or less - 52 percent - believe it is the government's responsibility to provide health care for all citizens. Health insurers have long used age as a factor in determining the cost of health insurance premiums, and most states allow this. The ACA tax credits are based on income and how much insurance costs in a given area.

President Donald Trump and Republican congressional leaders back the proposed new health care law, but conservative stalwarts such as the Heritage Foundation's lobbying arm and the American Enterprise Institute oppose the plan.

I've recommended that Congress repeal regulations which limit the types of health insurance Montanans can buy, opening the door to simpler, cheaper options. Given the way our government has handled the other social entitlement programs, I am very skeptical of any movement towards social medicine.

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