5 things we learned from 'The Walking Dead' panel at Paleyfest

5 things we learned from 'The Walking Dead' panel at Paleyfest

5 things we learned from 'The Walking Dead' panel at Paleyfest

Luckily, "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 15's trailer, as well as the preview of the video, is already available. Even her reawakening back to the land of the living via her nearly romance with Abraham was played more soulfully than the show actually gave it in terms of screen time to flourish. In four seasons, her only defining characteristic was her relationship with Abraham, both before and after he dumped her. But also, why isn't he immediately attacking Rosita?

Sasha and Rosita could either hinder the win or contribute to it in their efforts to take out Negan, but we aren't sure. Through her sniper's sight, Sasha sees Eugene hard at work in front of the walker pit, ordering around underlings. Rick gets up and follows the tracks to go see Carl.

With only two episodes remaining this season, Kang and Satrazemis do a good job of milking the tension and drama of what's becoming a slow-motion trainwreck for our heroes. And it's met with Maggie's statement that "Daryl is one of the good things in this world". Enid rushes Daryl and Maggie into a root cellar to hide, where Maggie insists she and Daryl hide behind shelves and other things. We see crossbow and we immediately think of Daryl Dixon, but is it Daryl? At least a cowering Eugene would make it a clean death for her.

The rest of the episode? ...enh. Jesus and Enid want to join them, but Sasha insists that they need to stay there, protect Maggie and the Hilltop.

There were a few twists and turns along the way, but Maggie and Daryl were obviously not in any danger, nor was Negan.

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Simon, the leader of this group of Saviors, tells Gregory that he's come to collect Dr. Carson and bring him back to the Sanctuary.

He came to Hilltop to take Dr. Harlan Carson (R. Keith Harris) with him back to the Sanctuary. They try to rescue Eugene, but he doesn't want the free pickle train to stop so he says, "No thanks". Man, that Rosita is one killjoy, and she gives Sasha endless grief on the journey. It has some amusing moments, courtesy of the smart-ass Simon (who tries to cheer Harlan up by letting him know that the Sanctuary has cardamom gelato), and the sycophantic Eugene (who's heard over the walkie-talkie ordering increased border security and saying, "This is per Negan, who I also am."). But there's no way they're going to kill off a pregnant woman, right? And there the episode ends. What I really want to know is, who hollowed out that book where Sasha was hiding her bullets?

After all the time we spent watching Daryl stuck in a cell at Negan's base, the green walls have certainly become familiar and there's no mistaking Sasha as anything but a prison of Negan in this image. By the end of the episode, the spineless wonder is sitting at his old desk with a bottle of tequila (his Savior supervisor's favorite) and admitting to Jesus that, "I look out for my friends, and I just realized: We're not friends". "And I've got yours", Rosita replies. While this normally doesn't bother me, this episode goes a little long on the heart to heart discussions, and a little light on the zombie killing. It's only once they remove the bag that they realize Holly has turned into a walker, too late to do anything as she takes a big bite out of Dr. Denise (who was played on the show by Emmy victor Merritt Wever).

If you ask me, though, Dwight does not deserve a second chance.

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