Notley says Keystone XL approval means jobs

President Donald Trump's administration officially issued a permit on Friday that approves construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, fulfilling a campaign promise to complete the controversial oil pipeline.

During an Oval Office ceremony Friday, TransCanada CEO Russell Girling thanked Trump for pushing the pipeline, and he called it "a very, very important day" for the company.

But it's still anything but clear when work can begin on uncompleted sections of the pipeline, which is created to carry crude from the oil sands of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Tom Shannon, undersecretary of state for political affairs, signed the permit because Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had recused himself on the project.

Kleeb said her organization understands construction of the pipeline will create employment, but contends the risk is too great for a section of it to stretch through her state.

Keystone XL would carry up to 830,000 barrels a day from Alberta to Nebraska, where it would connect with the existing Keystone pipeline that flows to Gulf Coast refineries.

Five years ago, the Keystone XL project faced stiff opposition from Nebraska landowners and environmentalists, many of them anxious about potential damage to the state's massive Ogallala water aquifer and fragile Sand Hills region. "Of course other countries will take note that the authorizing a pipeline to transport some of the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on the planet and help bring them to market".

What are your thoughts on the Keystone Pipeline? In his February 28 speech to a Joint Session on Congress, the president stated that his memo had "cleared the way for the construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines - thereby creating tens of thousands of jobs. TransCanada dropped this NAFTA lawsuit only after Donald Trump caved on his demand that Keystone XL will be built with American steel", said Ilana Soloman, the Responsible Trade Program Director at the Sierra Club. "I don't think it would have ever gotten done", Trump said on Friday. It's also likely that the pipeline will boost economic activity at small towns near the pipeline's path as workers spend money on lodging, food and entertainment.

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However, the administration later reversed this decision, saying that the "American steel" instruction only applied to newly constructed projects.

The Obama administration blocked the pipeline in 2015 by denying it the right to cross the border with Canada.

"The Presidential Permit is only one part of a web of federal, state, and local permits that must be obtained prior to starting construction", said Fred Jauss, a former lawyer with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and partner at the global law firm Dorsey & Whitney, in an interview with Reuters. Environmental groups have forcefully opposed the pipeline.

For Canadian oil producers, today's decision by the US President to overturn his predecessor's veto and allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline is welcomed news. Many activists traveled to Washington, D.C., from Standing Rock, where they had been camping out for months in opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline.

To be exact, that's 42,000 direct and indirect jobs over a two-year period, with 16,100 of them directly related to the project and 3,900 construction jobs, according to the State Department.

He was flanked by a number of the pipeline's supporters, including Russ Girling, the chief executive of Calgary-based TransCanada which wants to build Keystone XL.

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