'Destiny 2' receipt suggests players can pre-order the game in Germany

'Destiny 2' receipt suggests players can pre-order the game in Germany

'Destiny 2' receipt suggests players can pre-order the game in Germany

Destiny 2 had previously been said to be coming sometime this year, apparently late in September, but now we don't have an official confirmation.

A receipt from a video game retailer in Germany may suggest that Bungie fans can pre-order "Destiny 2" for the PC.

After many a rumour and a leak, Destiny 2 has finally been confirmed.

The developer confirmed the game today on Twitter with a single image post.

This was revealed at the end of the Destiny 2 teaser trailer uploaded on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. Hopefully this time we'll get to explore the ruins of the Last City and have more freedom rather than being confined to the tower. Even while it was working on many expansion and DLC releases for Destiny, it had people working on a full game release to take the story and game world to the next stage in its evolution. We also know now that while you won't be able to transfer your progress from the first game, you will indeed be allowed to port your appearance. It has already told us what players can and can't bring over from the original Destiny game. With a planet on fire and the helmetless guardians on the poster, I am left wondering....will Destiny 2 be a sequel or a prequel? The original title wasn't released for PC but there have been rumors that this one may arrive on PC.

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Bungie and Activision want you to know that Destiny 2 is on its way.

But there's certainly no disputing that the Last City is under attack, and many fans are speculating about how and why that is.

Again, there's been no official announcement of a Destiny 2 beta yet, but we're expecting one to take place.

After months as an open secret, Destiny 2 has now been officially announced.

"We also plan to award those veteran accounts with honours that reflect your Destiny 1 accomplishments". That will be the case with regard to timed platform-exclusive content in Destiny 2.

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