Mass Effect Andromeda developers discarded the idea of procedural planets

Mass Effect Andromeda developers discarded the idea of procedural planets

Mass Effect Andromeda developers discarded the idea of procedural planets

Mass Effect: Andromeda's got some problems, not just in the gameplay department (which should be priority #1), but the facial animations have undergone the more intensive scrutiny which in many cases has reached outrageous proportions. This has been a divisive issue causing attacks and defenses to pop up in a very public manner. Amidst the number of armchair developers complaining and hurling abuse, Jonathan Cooper (an actual developer for Naughty Dog) took to Twitter to offer his thoughts. He doesn't necessarily see the fuss around Mass Effect Andromeda's animation as a bad thing, however. Following up with every "encounter in Uncharted is unique & highly controlled because we create highly-authored "wide" linear stories with bespoke animations".

Drack's Missing Scouts will mark the first story-based multiplayer mission in Mass Effect Andromeda with more to come in the future. Breaking it down further he explains in laymen's terms how the game's animations "may not even be touched by hand", stating that an algorithm is responsible for some of the goofs.

Cooper began by going after those who targeted and harassed Allie Rose-Marie Leost, one of the game's lead facial animators.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" character animations have caused a meme storm, and BioWare says they won't be corrected in the day one patch.

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Cooper said that a team's successes and failures should be credited to the team and individual team members should never be singled out.

In short, the algorithm Andromeda is using to generate animations for each scene isn't necessarily picking the animations it should from the overall pool.

When you throw in the fact that the game needs to be localized to several different languages, on top of having tens of thousands of lines of dialogue, it's perhaps understandable why certain parts may go awry, they said. "But a 5-year dev cycle shows they underestimated this task". The amount of scrutiny Andromeda has gotten "is exacerbated by us living in an era of Share buttons and YouTube". Most of the resentment comes from the graphic of the game. With so many planets in the game to potentially look at, aside from the ones you actually explore, one has to wonder whether Bioware looked at procedurally generated planes like No Man's Sky at some point.

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