Back to burgers: Carl's Jr. ditches bikini-clad ads

Back to burgers: Carl's Jr. ditches bikini-clad ads

Back to burgers: Carl's Jr. ditches bikini-clad ads

If this campaign lasts as long as the sexy burger one, a decade from now, maybe Carl's Jr and Hardee's can even talk about how they pioneered mixing sexy models and dripping burger juices.

The company famously linked up with the likes of Paris Hilton, Charlotte McKinney and Kate Upton for commercials in which they scarfed the chain's sandwiches while striking sexually suggestive poses. Instead, the company has pledged to turn their focus to - wait for it - their burgers.

CEO Andy Puzder, who left the company earlier this month after his unsuccessful bid to become Labor Secretary in the Trump administration, said the chain is keeping up with times.

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are ditching advertisements featuring scantily-clad women.

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Chief marketing officer Brad Haley tells Ad Age the company doesn't apologize for their often provocative past, but "we needed a jumping-off point to explain why we're [pivoting], and it's also a very self-aware, self-deprecating way to do it". Before its demise, American Apparel ditched its "sexy" campaigns, instead focusing a message of female empowerment.

CEO Andrew Pudzer had defended the ads due to the high competitive nature of the industry, in which fast food companies are constantly battling for market supremacy.

"Some of the product attributes got lost because people were too busy ogling girls", he said.

"Carl Jr., in my opinion, and its sexy ads were a ideal fit to engage hungry- in many ways-men", Sandler says but acknowledged that new leadership is likely responsible for a new change in direction. "We target hungry guys, and we get young kids that want to be young hungry guys". Playboy stopped running nude photos past year and placed greater emphasis on its articles. Neither one of those efforts has proven successful, however. Abercrombie's sales were already dropping, and this shift seems to have done nothing to help matters. The elder Hardee will goes up against his son as the two tackle the Jr.'s play boy-like ad campaign while the father was away.

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