Senate Democrats vow to block Trump's Supreme Court pick

Senate Democrats vow to block Trump's Supreme Court pick

Senate Democrats vow to block Trump's Supreme Court pick

Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin, facing re-election in Wisconsin next year, also opposes the nomination, a spokesman said. He added, "If a judge can't 60 votes, you don't change the rules, you change the judge or the nominee".

If Senate Republicans do agree and decide to "go nuclear", they could eliminate senators' ability to filibuster Supreme Court nominations, ending Democrats' filibuster of Gorsuch. "But Judge Gorsuch didn't convince me that he would be an independent voice on the court".

Trump has called on Senate Republicans to change the long-standing rules in order to allow a simple majority vote on confirmation if Democrats mount a filibuster.

"This is a judge so well-qualified and highly-regarded that his nomination to his current post was approved unanimously - the aye votes included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and yes, Chuck Schumer - so their current grave objections can pretty obviously be chalked up to 'We hate Trump!"

"In a statement released Friday, Reed said he is concerned that Gorsuch's "pro-corporate tendencies" would make justice hard for workers and consumers".

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Hearings for a Supreme Court nominee usually dominate Congress, but that's not been the case over the four days of hearings.

Another vote potentially up for grabs is that of Michael Bennet, a Democrat from Gorsuch's home state of Colorado. The speakers included the father of an autistic boy whom Gorsuch ruled against.

The Judiciary Committee was due to vote on the nomination on April 3.

But Republicans wouldn't even give him the courtesy of a hearing. McConnell has said he hopes to confirm Gorsuch on the Senate floor by the end of that week, before the Senate leaves for a two-week recess and in time for the Court's April arguments. Joe ManchinJoe ManchinPence pushes Manchin in home state to support Gorsuch Under pressure, Dems hold back Gorsuch support The Hill's Whip List: Where Dems stand on Trump's Supreme Court nominee MORE to support President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, singling out the Democratic senator during a speech in his home state of West Virginia.

Perkins said Gorsuch set a "new low standard" for educational benefits school districts must offer disabled students.

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