You Can Tweet Longer Now with New Twitter Character Limit

You Can Tweet Longer Now with New Twitter Character Limit

You Can Tweet Longer Now with New Twitter Character Limit

Twitter announced the development in a blog post, saying that it also made changes to the way it display tweets.

Twitter is rolling out changes to its website and apps that will see tagged usernames in replies not count toward its 140 character limit, allowing users to publish longer replies. Furthermore, the tweets sent as replies are categorized under a separate tab which makes it more hard for other users to see what your replies are if they don't follow the same person you are replying to.

Users will also be able to tap on "Replying to." to see and manage who is in their conversation.

Moreover, in latest update, the names of the people users are replying will be on top of the text of the actual tweet.

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All these changes made will bring a positive development that will enable improved communication between different users on Twitter making twitter chats more comfortable and understandable.

The new update is meant to streamline the response experience on Twitter, but it might also create more confusion. Today's change is going to prove a boon for those who reply to tweets. This new feature from Twitter is gong to be a big advantage to those who loves to have twitter conversations. Twitter has over 300 million users, but growth has slowed down for the company. But now, Femi's username is removed from the limit.

With that off the to-do list maybe Twitter's engineers can start working on letting us edit posts. Twitter does not officially raise the character limit, but stops counting username in character limit. Plus, it would have defeated the entire concept of Twitter to begin with: sending out small bursts of information or thoughts to other people on the internet. Usernames in original, non-reply tweets still count toward the character limit. You can find more details about how replies work in our help center.

Now, the company says that when you reply to someone - or to a group - usernames will no longer count toward those 140 characters.

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