Sanitation worker reflects on the difference Dr. King made

Sanitation worker reflects on the difference Dr. King made

Sanitation worker reflects on the difference Dr. King made

In similar terms, King talked about how, after World War II, "we fell victim as a nation at that time of the same deadly arrogance that has poisoned the global situation for all of these years". There are those who did not agree with all that Dr. King did, but none can deny his dedication to his cause and the determination and the bravery with which he pursued his course. Where are we, when we're talking about expanding an already bloated military budget and spending money, some $54 billion, that if we use that same money in a modern-day war against poverty and a modern call for healthcare and education, we could do so much more? "We're gonna fight racism with solidarity." . King was also aware that he risked losing many of his base supporters in the liberal and black communities as he moved from his activities as a civil rights leader to advocating for a stop to war. The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light.' Here is Césaire's Discourse on Colonialism (1950) and Fanon's Wretched of the Earth (1961), deeply felt prose on behalf of the world's shirtless and barefoot peoples.

Ignorance or denial about these facts is risky, to our society falling behind in almost every indicator of social and environmental health as we continue to invest in the war machine, and to the people on the receiving end of our bombs.

"Martin Luther King came to Memphis to help us, that's how we got it". Could you talk about that, as well?

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The Rev. Byron Williams, a writer and the host of the "The Public Morality" on WSNC 90.5, lives in Winston-Salem. Johnson had always wanted to know how King viewed the war, but during a 1965 phone call between the two, you get a sense that even Johnson understood that the contradiction between war and civil rights was unsustainable. But the movement spread across the country, and now more than 22 million Americans have benefited from an increase in minimum wages, and some 10 million on are on a path toward $15 an hour as city ordinances step up wages. As one can probably tell given the current racial climate in America, there are people whose sole mission is to silence and even end our lives. We must bring it alive today. Low-grade violence occasionally plagues progressive movements and demonstrations today, including the rough shutdowns of campus speakers at Berkeley and Middlebury this year.

On April 17th, 1965, two years before Dr. King took the podium, twenty-five thousand people came to Washington as part of a protest called by the Students for a Democratic Society against the United States war on Vietnam. I hope a critical mass of us will, like Dr. King, stand up and act saying: We have come too far to continue being dragged down those dark and shameful corridors. His speech at Riverside raises: What are we going to do with what he said today? "He announced that he had some very bad news for us". Therefore we as faith leaders will call upon government officials to do some civil searching so that we may save the soul of America from destruction and annihilation. Not the Vietnamese. They were part of the Third World upsurge, which had emerged after World War II in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In the words of Dr. King, "Now let us begin".

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