Comcast is going to start selling wireless phone service

Comcast is going to start selling wireless phone service

Comcast is going to start selling wireless phone service

Don't freak out quite yet. Case in point: Comcast in its announcement cites a Nielsen report that found 70% of US wireless customers use less than 5 GB of data per month. Consumers will be able to buy unlimited data plans for $45 or $65 a month, or a 1 gigabyte of data for $12 a month, and continue adding gigabytes, at $12 a pop, as needed during the month.

For Comcast, Xfinity Mobile primarily serves as another way to squeeze value out of its existing customers. If you want two lines on Xfinity Mobile, that will cost you $130. Four lines is $260 and so on.

You need Comcast home Internet service in order to get Comcast mobile.

Each line can pay $65 per month for unlimited data.

There are a few major catches with Xfinity Mobile, at least for now.

For instance, 5GB on the Verizon network with Walmart's Total Wireless costs $35/month, less than Comcast is charging.

Comcast expects the wireless offering to be profitable at these prices without being subsidized by other services.

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Xfinity Mobile will offer the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, - both also available in (PRODUCT) RED variants - iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE as well as the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge or the LG X power.

Comcast disclosed pricing as well as more of its strategy for the Xfinity-branded wireless service, which is being marketed only to its cable-TV subscribers. It will be confined to Comcast customers who already pay for home Internet service, as well as potential new Internet subscribers who reside within Comcast's footprint.

Sometime in the "near future", Comcast will launch Xfinity Mobile, a virtual cell company operating on Verizon's towers. Here's a look at the features Comcast has announced. Most notably, AT&T announced its eyebrow-raising $85 billion deal to buy media company Time Warner (TWX - Free Report) past year, in addition to its various moves to diversify into the entertainment industry, like its purchase of DirecTV. Today's customers are cutting their pay TV subscriptions, but then often turn to the same business to buy access to TV yet again - except, this time, it's via the internet and streamed to their phones, as with AT&T's DirecTV Now or Dish's Sling TV, for instance. Butz is known for having spearheaded the creation of Comcast's Xfinity Store chain. Customers who bundle wireless service with other Xfinity products could receive discounts, and customers can switch between data plans monthly without penalty. Comcast wireless pricing also will offer some unique options, including an option to pay on a per-gigabit basis, no access fees, an unlimited offering and the ability to switch plans in the middle of a billing period. Seems like a deal before you realize how much cash you're shoveling in Comcast's direction under the guise of a getting good deal.

The Wall Street Journal expressed this tension well by invoking a sort of hostage situation.

Also of note: Comcast says it will not exempt its own video services from taking up data over Xfinity Mobile.

If that's the way you like to party, go right ahead. All you can do now is sign-up for updates surrounding the service.

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