April the Giraffe still keeping everyone guessing

April the Giraffe still keeping everyone guessing

April the Giraffe still keeping everyone guessing

Maybe she has performance anxiety.

April the giraffe "keeps us guessing" on when she will give birth to a calf, zookeepers with Animal Adventure Park said Tuesday. Fans of April the Giraffe are awaiting a similar tableau.

On Friday, almost 200,000 people were still watching her online.

Meanwhile giraffes around the world have beaten her to the punch, and with much less fanfare.

The zoo's giraffe experts are part of an ongoing project in Uganda in Africa, which is aimed at helping and preserving the Rothschild's giraffe in the wild. Some predators will wait until a giraffe gives birth and attack the baby as soon as it is born. On average, giraffes are pregnant for 15 months. She just isn't quite ready to give the world what it wants. That whole process, from a calf being born to it taking its very first steps, is an incredibly special thing to see. All observations, behavior, and predictions suggest a calf today, tonight - we would be shocked to get through the weekend without our newest addition. She's an excellent parent and is doing a fantastic job of nursing her new arrival.

According to Patch, curiosity on the giraffe has been a huge draw for the zoo. The park blamed the removal on animal rights activists who oppose zoos.

The once booming, privately owned zoo has been shuttered for more than a decade.

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Giraffes are the world's tallest mammals, standing up to 20 feet tall.

Her name is Kipenzi, which means beloved or precious one in Swahili. Her caretakers say it should be any day now. Some customers have even complained on social media that there were no more plush giraffes available at their local Toys "R" Us. "It's no different than human childbirth".

How has the zoo prepared for her birth?

April's handlers said Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" has been playing on repeat in their heads as they monitor April's development. "Who knows and here is to hoping!" As I write this, 216,289 people are tuned into the live cam.

"He was so cute with his little ears, so yeah, I was so glad we got to see it", Helms said.

Tuesday, the Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom shared video of its newest addition being born quietly at the zoo, and Monday, to the delight of zoo-goers in Memphis, another giraffe gave birth in front of everyone's very eyes.

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