Cyborgs at work: Employees getting implanted with microchips

Cyborgs at work: Employees getting implanted with microchips

Cyborgs at work: Employees getting implanted with microchips

For example, the employees who chose to install the microchip can open any door because the device acts just like a traditional key or access card. Biohax, another Sweden-based digital company, provides the microchip implant services for Epicenter where they hold parties to host implanting sessions for their workers and members.

The reason behind their consent is simple, the co-founder and CEO of Epicenter, Patrick Mesterton believes it is all about the conveniences involved. The implants are injected into the fleshy area of the hand of the employee, just next to the thumb, by using pre-loaded syringes. "That's a way, way more serious thing than having a small chip that can actually communicate with devices".

"If a person is anxious about being traced, your mobile phone or Internet search history poses a bigger threat than the RFID chip we use ever would do". There are no limits on how this technology can be used, and at Epicenter, it seems likely that more scenarios will creep up over time. Other countries are trying to adopt this modern way of keeping staff records but Sweden is the first to make this big move in implanting microchips into the hands of workers.

One microbiologist said that huge amounts of information could be gained by hackers from the embedded microchips.

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Unfortunately, the futuristic scenarios with microchips implanted in humans already became a reality.

"Conceptually you could get data about your health, you could get data about your whereabouts, how often you're working, how long you're working, if you're taking toilet breaks and things like that". Implanted RFID microchips are passive, which means it can save the data that other device can read but not on their own data. "And for me, it's just a matter of I like to try new things and just see it as more of an enabler and what that would bring into the future", said Fredric Kaijser, Epicenter's chief experience officer.

The implants have become so popular that Epicenter workers stage monthly events where attendees have the option of being "chipped" for free. The Epicenter boss does however admit that deciding to have something implanted in your body is "quite a big step to do".

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