Film academy rules ineligible documentary series like 'OJ'

Film academy rules ineligible documentary series like 'OJ'

Film academy rules ineligible documentary series like 'OJ'

The changes were approved March 28, as a broad set of tweaks to the Oscar rules and campaign regulations. It ran in its entirety at film festivals and in a brief theatrical run, though most saw it in a five-part series on ESPN.

As far as the rule-change impacting animated films, which opens up the process of selecting best animated feature nominees to an unprecedented number of Academy members, this one might be called "The GKIDS Rule".

LOS ANGELES Multi-part documentary series will be ineligible for the Oscars, organizers said on Friday as part of a new list of awards rules, just a few months after ESPN's serialized "O.J.: Made in America" won the Oscar for best feature documentary. That's because it appears to have been inspired by the fact that independently made and/or distributed animated films - including nine over the last eight years from the aforementioned New York-based company - have landed best animated feature nominations that were coveted by the backers of big studio films which cost much more to make and were seen by far greater numbers of people.

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The Academy Awards are taking the Best Animated Feature Film category back to the drawing board. Questions of eligibility will be resolved by the documentary branch's executive committee.

In the Music (Original Score) category, in the case of a score that has three or more equally contributing composers, the composers may be considered as a group. The Awards Rules Committee then reviews all proposed changes before presenting its recommendations to the Board of Governors for approval.

Prior to nominations, Academy members may not be invited to or attend any lunch, dinner or other catered affair that promotes an eligible film for awards consideration that is not associated with a screening. But the rules do not prohibit reasonable food or beverages being served at screening venues or adjacent locations. The Oscars also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.

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