Star Wars Rebels is Ending with Season 4, Here's the New Trailer

Disney XD on Saturday confirmed that Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels will be its last.

The crowd reacted, well, about how you'd expect 3,000 Star Wars Rebels fans to react: a wave of "Nooo's" rolled through the audience and up onto the stage, where Filoni plead a case that ultimately put everyone in the audience back on his side.

Filoni said he really loved the opportunity Forces of Destiny gave him to delve into 2D again, having begun his career on projects like Avatar: The Last Airbender, before moving into the computer animation of The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Amidst the hoopla at this weekend's Star Wars Celebration, there was a bit of therapy.

Carrie Fisher will not be in Star Wars: Episode IX, according to the film's production company. Sircar noted she was thankful to those who tried to explain things to her beforehand, but "Nothing can prepare you" for what it was actually like.

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When last we saw Phasma, she was being led by Finn and Han Solo to a trash compactor-y demise, which would probably lead many moviegoers to suspect that she did not make it off-world before the Starkiller base exploded. Scott said that from the perspective of Rey, the line captures much of the disappointment and confusion she felt when she finally met the Skywalker and he does not seem to live up to her ideal of the Jedi that she has kept in her head over the years. I think every guy. Following the release of the film, Lucasfilm and Marvel have released a couple of other Star Wars comics. Fans have been expecting Lucasfilm to add more females to the cast. "Because I'm mad. She should be here".

In the single-player campaign, you'll play as Iden - an elite Stormtrooper who's sent to Endor on the eve of the Emperor's death and fights on afterwards to curb the spread of the Rebellion's victory.

The latest "Star Wars" installment is set to hit theaters everywhere near this year's holiday season, on December 15.

Eric Goldman is Executive Editor of IGN TV.

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