Google Earth gets revival with tools for exploration

Google Earth gets revival with tools for exploration

Google Earth gets revival with tools for exploration

The new programme lets people get a close-up look of the planet from the comfort of their computers, smartphones or tablets.

Google is all set to unveil a brand new version of its Google Earth app tomorrow. Google says they're introducing something called Voyager which will bring "a showcase of interactive guided tours" to users.

It's the first time that Earth can be reached on a web browser instead of through applications installed on devices.

Viewing 3D content is one of the most immersive functions in Google Earth.

Here, the muppets are going to tell us about India.

But now the inclusion of Google's growing armoury of video tours, as well as improved 3D maps of cities, have been bandied together. It still requires an app for phones and tablets because of the heavy graphics involved; Google is rolling out updates for Android, but there's no Google Earth app for iPhones or iPads yet. The service is now available only for Chrome browsers and Android, but will soon arrive on iOS and other browsers in the future.

Google Earth would always throw a 404.

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The BBC said users can embark upon curated journeys, with filmed insights from its wildlife producers, imagery, and clips from series including Life Story (pictured), Africa, Planet Earth II.

Google today announced a complete overhaul of its Earth service.

It is assumed that the new version of Google Earth would replace its Google Maps app. In other words, it's more fun than ever to waste time playing with Google Earth.

Google partnered with Sesame Street and other creators for its Voyager feature.

One of the major features that debuted on the platform is Google Earth Voyager. It's filled with interactive stories from different homes around the world, like the woven reed dwellings the Uros people live in on Peru's Lake Titicaca and the steep Himalayan mountainsides that house illusive snow leopards.

As we reported earlier, Google was planning to bring some significant changes to Google Earth. If a user wants to share it, they can send the view as a postcard to someone else.

The new Google Earth is a work in progress, and it shows. Google said it plans to continue with these types of partnerships.

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