Microsoft releases Wunderlist replacement preview app called To-Do

Microsoft releases Wunderlist replacement preview app called To-Do

Microsoft releases Wunderlist replacement preview app called To-Do

In fact, the new app is the handiwork of the same team that had developed Wunderlist and will eventually go on to replace the original.

That app, officially known as Microsoft To-Do (codenamed "Project Cheshire") has been in private testing for close to a year.

According to Microsoft's announcement, To-Do starts you off in a screen called "My Day" which offers a list of items that need to get done today.

To-Do is built on Office 365 and integrated with Outlook. No timeline for Wunderlist's demise was described.

The not-so-surprising part? Wunderlist is now on Microsoft's list of things to ditch. It also said that it won't completely shut the app down for the time being.

Some also have been curious why Microsoft didn't simply update the existing Wunderlist app and instead, opted to develop a new to-do app instead. You can share your to-do list with your friends like in Wunderlist. To-Do has all the standard features you'd expect from a task list app, allowing you to add reminders, dates, and notes to each entry. Once imported, those lists will also be available in other Microsoft products, such as Exchange and Outlook. But will it supply the same satisfying "ding" of its predecessor every time you complete a task?

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Microsoft acquired 6Wunderkinder in June 2015, the creators of the Wunderlist app. But not much was revealed.

The replacement has full integration with Office 365 which it will use to do AI type stuff such as give you a daily briefing and probably kidnap your wife.

A semblance of that has survived, but it gained a new name: Intelligent Suggestions. So far, Android users are giving the preview middling reviews, and suggesting that Wunderlist is better. From there, users can either chose what they fill it with or turn to the Intelligent Suggestions.

As explained in a Microsoft blog post on Tuesday, customers must have either the Android or iOS version of Microsoft Authenticator app on their smartphones, then enter their usernames as usual.

What do you think about To-Do? The list is created by the way you use the app. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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