United CEO won't add chairman title in 2018 as was planned

The airline's parent company, United Continental Holdings, said in a public filing Friday that Munoz asked that his employment agreement be changed to remove terms that would have made him chairman of the board of directors. The filing did not say Mr Munoz would not take up the role, but rather that "future determinations related to the chairman position" would be left to the "discretion of the board".

Munoz, a Mexican by origin, has already visited the Chinese consulate in Chicago, the city where the incident took place, to address the concerns of the Chinese community in the US.

Ever since United Airlines had a passenger brutally beaten and dragged off the "overbooked" plane to make room for their own personnel, they've been in PR hell. The videos featured a passenger who was pulled from his seat by airline officials and aviation police officers and off the flight.

Chicago aviation commissioner Ginger Evans requested until April 26 to provide information to the Senate.

In this April 11, 2017, photo, people with Asian community organizations from Chicago hold signs to protest David Dao's removal from a United Airlines flight.

He first blamed the 69-year-old passenger who was dragged off by airport security officers.

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The company also said it would revise its 2017 executive compensation to more directly tie incentives to improvements in customer satisfaction. He apologized again for the "shameful treatment of one of our passengers".

PPP polled 648 registered voters April 17-April 18 via phone calls and online.

It has been an interesting week for United Airlines that all started with a passenger not agreeing to leave flight 3411 voluntarily due to overbooking. "We find any further delay in getting necessary answers unacceptable".

"This includes examining how we move our crews, incentivize customer volunteers in these situations, handle oversold situations and work with airport authorities and local law enforcement moving forward", Munoz said in the letter.

After being named CEO in September 2015, Munoz has focused on improving United's tattered relations with labor unions.

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