Google Moves to Clean Up Bogus Search Results

Google Moves to Clean Up Bogus Search Results

Google Moves to Clean Up Bogus Search Results

This document provides guidance that real people use to test and rank the company's search results. The company didn't specify how many queries that really is - but the search-engine-focused news site Search Engine Land reported that Google estimated in 2015 that it handles 3 billion searches per day. Users can now report inaccurate or offensive snippets and autocomplete suggestions directly from the results page.

"There are people who are writing all kinds of things on the web", says Mr. Gomes, who said that one issue Google is having is finding high quality sources to promote in place of some of the more hair-raising content. "Journalists are not covering some of these conspiracy theories". The company has also launched a new "how search works" website that details the inner workings of its search engine. Fake news became a serious issue in last year's USA election campaign, when clearly fraudulent stories circulated on social media, potentially swaying some voters.

Danny Sullivan, the editor of industry news site Search Engine Land, said that the changes were nearly certainly driven by Google's desire to end the rash of bad press it has received over its role in spreading such misleading and false information.

Since the USA election, several companies including Google and Facebook have taken steps to deal with false information that looks legitimate being passed through their products.

GoogleGoogle also says it is improving the guidelines its human workers use to evaluate content that appears in search results.

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In addition, Google is adding new public feedback tools for its AutoComplete feature in its search bar. Most of the changes announced Tuesday, April 25, 2017, are created to reduce the chances that its influential search engine will highlight untrue stories about people and events, a phenomenon commonly referred to as "fake news". Google was slammed for allowing fictitious stories-claiming he had won the popular vote instead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama was planning a coup-to rise above accurate and truthful reporting.

"We were highlighting low-quality content in search results", he said in a Bloomberg Technology interview Tuesday.

Questions are bound to be raised about whether this panel, which Google says is representative of its users, is impartial and objective.

"That feedback is then used to reshape the algorithms - the recipes, if you will -that Google uses".

Google's Automcomplete and Feature Snippets have both caused controversy recently for surfacing content that has not only been inaccurate, but has upset people. "Some of the changes are already visible in terms of better results".

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