Crews start taking down 600-year-old tree

Crews start taking down 600-year-old tree

Crews start taking down 600-year-old tree

It's expected to take two or three days to remove the entire tree from the bedroom community about 30 miles west of NY, which has long celebrated its white oak.

A white oak tree has been standing for 600 years and it is considered one of the nation's oldest trees. The old tree, declared dead last summer after it failed to sprout foliage, is scheduled to be chopped down soon.

Workers operating a pair of smaller cranes meticulously began cutting the ancient tree down early on Monday morning.

The tree has been an important part of the community since the town's inception in the 1700s. Washington once picnicked underneath it with Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette, who fought in the American Revolution, town officials say.

Basking Ridge, N.J. says goodbye to.

Its death was probably because of its age. It's expected to take three days. Arborists say that the removal is necessary because it would have fallen of its own accord during the coming winters or spring storms. "It's a sad sight to see it come down".

The tree is being removed because it is dying and no longer viable.

Crews start taking down 600-year-old tree

Experts say fewer trees are replicating the old oak's 600-year lifespan.

Even though the town has known for many months the tree would soon be gone, that doesn't make its coming absence any easier, Malay observed.

Jon Klippel, a church board member, told that they are unsure what they will do with the wood from the 600-year-old tree after it is chopped down. "We've been blessed to have it here".

In a photograph taken Friday, April 21, 2017, Keith Keiling, right, and his brother Bobby Keiling set up a support beam to hold up a limb of a 600-year-old white oak tree on the grounds of Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church in B. They note that several factors - including droughts, intensive wildfires and invasive insects - that can greatly harm trees, which become more susceptible to damage as they age.

"All my children went to Tree House [the preschool on church property]", said nearby resident Lisa Dudzik.

The old oak will be replaced by an offspring that has already grown to 25 feet tall.

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