LinkedIn brings in nearly $1 billion for Microsoft

Office commercial products and cloud services revenue increased 7 percent year-over-year, and even Office consumer products and cloud services revenue increased by 15 percent.

Overall, Microsoft posted $4.8 billion in third-quarter net income, or 61 cents a share, compared with a profit of $3.76 billion, or 47 cents a share, a year ago.

Check back later for our full analysis on Microsoft's earnings report! More interestingly, Microsoft's $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn brought in $975 million in revenue which is, to be frank, not so impressive.

Intelligent Cloud rose thanks to a 15% increase in server products and cloud services, while its PC group shrank (Windows OEM up 5%; Windows commercial products/cloud services up 6; Surface down 26%; Search ads ex-TAC up 8%; Gaming up 4%).

Maersk, a "global leader in container shipping and ports", and a big win for Microsoft with its 88,000 employees working in 130 countries, announced today that it too is making a Digital Difference, making Microsoft its preferred cloud partner and using Azure to power its app store and help drive business model innovations.

Wall Street's cadre of crack analysts expected the company's earnings per share to come in at around $0.70, with revenue hitting about $23.6 billion.

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Earnings per share of $0.73 versus $0.70 expected.

"Our results this quarter reflect the trust customers are placing in the Microsoft cloud", Nadella said in a statement. Microsoft said the product saw sales growth of 93 percent.

More Personal Computing, which includes Windows, was down 7% year-over-year - a dip that Microsoft blames on its struggling phone business.

Revenue of $23.6 billion, versus $23.62 expected. There are now 26.2 million consumers subscribed to Office 365. Microsoft will now need to focus on operating expenses and the costs of LinkedIn revenue to prove that its bet will pay off in the long term. Xbox software and services revenue rose by 7% (8% CC), "driven by continued adoption of digital distribution and a strong game lineup".

Revenue from Microsoft's phone business declined by $730 million, and that's not really surprising.

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