Opponents: PA Bill Would Defund Planned Parenthood

Opponents: PA Bill Would Defund Planned Parenthood

Opponents: PA Bill Would Defund Planned Parenthood

"The fact that Novogenix, StemExpress, and ABR stationed their own workers inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to perform the harvesting, packaging, and transport of aborted baby body parts demonstrates that Planned Parenthood had no reimbursable costs under the law".

Out of a list of 13 essential service areas identified for federally qualified health clinics, Planned Parenthood is able to provide three, Eichelberger said. He then left the hearing.

Some who attended Denham's town hall work in hospitals or clinics in District 10, and they were quick to agree with many of their colleagues who say that pulling Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood would punch a hole in a community safety net that's already stretched to the breaking point. Vincent Hughes about whether other health providers and educators would be able to fill the gap if Planned Parenthood is last in line for funding. As a board member of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, I know the best way to decrease abortions is for them to be safe and legal, for contraception to be affordable and accessible, and for reproductive education to be accurate and comprehensive. Gatter is introduced to the buyers by Dr. Deborah Nucatola, PPFA's Senior Director of Medical Services, who also appeared in a CMP undercover video eating lunch and drinking wine, as she allegedly discussed how to harvest fetal organs and body parts so as to maximize their transfer to biomedical researchers. The latter, however, is a little hard to credit since other videos show that such action doesn't require any other effort by providers; the tissue broker provides the personnel necessary for preservation and shipment.

Planned Parenthood claims abortion makes up "only 3 percent" of its services. "It's a personal view for me", he said.

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The video ended with the message, "Tell President Trump to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for their illegal sale of baby body parts".

Democrats made a number of attempts to indicate that Eichelberger's proposal was not fiscal - since it would theoretically have no impact on the amount of medical reimbursements paid by the state - but rather was a punitive measure against people who chose to use their benefits at an organization to which Eichelberger is ideologically opposed.

David Daleiden, CMP project lead, said taxpayers should stop footing the bill for the abortion giant. "Without Planned Parenthood services I don't know what I would be going through today".

"We had a lovely tech, Heather was her name, from Novagenix", she said. All but one of the committee's Republicans, Sen. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has vowed to veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

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