Texas lawmaker gives up food to protest SB 4

Texas lawmaker gives up food to protest SB 4

Texas lawmaker gives up food to protest SB 4

Andrea Martinez, right, and other students hand out hand-made signs and letters opposing SB4, an anti-"sanctuary cities" bill that already cleared the Texas Senate and seeks to jail sheriffs and other officials who refuse to help e.

A Facebook page supported by Neave encourages others to fast, pray, "or in your own way [let] all of my colleagues in the Texas House know how devastating this legislation will be to our families". However, most critics argue the bill will drive a wedge between law enforcement and immigrants.

Some law enforcement officials-including Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez-prefer a more nuanced approach rather than a wholesale roundup of all undocumented immigrants, honoring ICE detainers when they involve felons. State lawmakers are passing a bill requiring that local law enforcement officials actively participate in the deportation process by holding suspected deportable immigrants on the demand of the federal government (note that the law doesn't apply if the detained person has proof of US citizenship).

Rep. Joe Moody added an amendment to the bill that would prohibit healthcare professionals, mental healthcare workers and community centers from asking clients about their immigration status. "Some for the better, some are neutral, some that you know we probably need to have a discussion about, but all in all it is a pretty stout bill, still". That approach (designed to foster community policing and trust of law enforcement among marginalized groups) earned the ire of Gov. Greg Abbott, who rescinded a wide array of county grants in retaliation.

For Neave, making sure the bill isn't signed into law is personal: Her father, who is now a USA citizen, first entered the United States illegally.

Either way, Democrats said they intend to keep fighting.

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House members had expected a rough debate. He noted that, despite the fact that Latino kids have made up the majority of public school students since 2011, the Legislature made historic public education cuts that year, and later the State Board of Education attempted to "eliminate our history in textbooks and in the curriculum standards". But he said the bill was commonsense policy that was about the rule of law.

The next stop for SB 4 is a conference committee where appointed lawmakers will gather to hash out the differences between the Senate and House version before giving it a final nod. We're going to fight today. Opponents say it opens the door to discrimination and intimidation.

"And you used to never expect a bill like this to pass".

Lawmakers are working through more than 100 amendments. After that process is over, SB 4 will head to Abbott's desk. "Then the Republicans came in and said the deal was off".

President Donald Trump is trying to withhold federal funding for sanctuary cities, but a federal judge in California has issued a preliminary injunction preventing him from doing so.

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