Le Pen visits French factory, Macron wins ally before runoff

Marine Le Pen, candidate for French 2017 presidential election, leaves a polling booth in Henin-Beaumont, northern France, April 23.

The rallying to a neo-fascist policy of growing sections of the French ruling elite underscores the correctness of the Parti de l'égalité socialiste (PES) call for an active boycott of the second round of the presidential elections.

Speaking in Brussels on Saturday, France's president, François Hollande, noted that the French election was a "European choice".

"No one had expected the far-right party to come this far in one of the world's oldest democracies". Even Jacques Chirac refused to hold a televised debate with his rival.

French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron has made a symbolically charged campaign visit to the Shoah Holocaust Memorial in Paris.

In a video message Friday, she urged the almost 20 percent of voters who backed Melenchon in the April 23 first round to "block" Macron, saying his pro-business program was "diametrically opposed" to leftist ideals.

The Harris Interactive poll places Mr Macron on 61 per cent and Ms Le Pen on 33 per cent. Between now and May 7, National Front propaganda will belittle him constantly; Russian cyber-trolls will step up their attacks; and his political opponents will deride him for his brief stint as an investment banker and cast doubts on his stated commitment to fight for French workers.

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Jean-Marie Le Pen is holding the Joan of Arc event again, a march his daughter wants nothing to do with. This division reflects in no small part the deep crisis of the European Union and of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: the FN prefers an alliance with Trump and Russian Federation against German hegemony in Europe, and has proposed a Frexit to leave the European Union, as well as a referendum on leaving the euro and returning to the French franc currency.

Zanaz concluded that the party was eventually able to impose its nearly normal presence thanks to its revamp and its outstanding election results. "For the Front National, that's the right".

"It's an historic day because we are putting France before personal and partisan interests", said Dupont-Aignan, whose backing for Le Pen sparked the resignation of several Debout la France officials.

Dupont-Aignan got 4.7 percent of the first-round vote on April 23 - compared to Macron's 24 percent and 21 percent for Le Pen - with a platform that described the European Union as "inefficient, intrusive, anti-democratic and authoritarian".

"Ms Le Pen adopts an approach that builds on the fear from political Islam and on the refusal of Muslim integration in the European Community". In other recent elections in Europe, populist candidates such as Norbert Hofer in Austria and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands ultimately lost because their rising popularity in polls prompted a last-minute surge in electoral activism to defeat them. And if you map the votes that Le Pen and Macron geographically, Le Pen will emerge victorious with eight of the 18 regions while Macron trails behind with only six regions.

The son of a man killed on the sidelines of a 1995 far-right march has joined French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on a Paris bridge. Sensing this, Marine Le Pen has gone on the offensive by wrapping herself as the representative of all French people. "It wasn't France", she said.

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