Led Zeppelin reunion rumors sparked by cryptic Robert Plant message

Led Zeppelin reunion rumors sparked by cryptic Robert Plant message

Led Zeppelin reunion rumors sparked by cryptic Robert Plant message

And here we go again as the Led Zeppelin rumour mill rouses from its slumber to once again claim that the long- defunct rockers are to reunite once again.

Credit: Ed MilesAn enigmatic new post on Robert Plant's official website has reignited speculation about a possible Led Zeppelin reunion.

Which of course could mean anything. The Ceaseless Roar and Plant has never been one to hang around for too long.

The rumours were further fueled on the site Feel Numb which said that they talked to "well-placed sources" that said the reformed group was signing on for the 2017 edition of Desert Trip.

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In recent years, Plant frequently has insisted that he has no interest in reuniting musically with his fellow Led Zeppelin band mates.

The three surviving members of the legendary British rock band Led Zeppelin, from left John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, are pictured here in Washington following a dinner for Kennedy Center honorees in 2012.

"Rumor has it they turned down a reported $14 million payday to play at last year's festival and that this year there are "millions and millions" of more reasons why they should do it", says the Feel Numb story.

Led Zeppelin's last public performance was in London in 2007 with Jason Bonham on drums. That performance was later released as Celebration Day, a bit of which you can check out below.

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