Neymar cleared of fraud, but faces corruption trial

Neymar cleared of fraud, but faces corruption trial

Neymar cleared of fraud, but faces corruption trial

However, charges of corruption remain with the defendants including the player, his parents, Josep Bartomeu (current FC Barcelona president), Sandro Rosell (former president of FC Barcelona), FC Barcelona, and NN Consultoria (Neymar's company) still facing trial.

However, despite Neymar signing a new five-year deal with Barcelona, Florentino Perez - president of the Catalan club's arch rivals Real Madrid - recently said he was considering leaving for the Premier League.

His arrival from Santos has been a huge success for the Spanish champions on the pitch but a judicial nightmare off it.

Neymar's move to the Camp Nou has been the subject of much scrutiny from authorities in Spain and Brazil.

Meanwhile, a Spanish prosecutor is seeking a two-year prison sentence for Neymar for his part in the alleged ordeal and a fine of 8.4 million Euros for the club. However, in Spain sentences of less than two years are often suspended for first-time offenders.

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The case began with a complaint from the Brazilian investment company DIS, which owned 40% of Neymar's sporting rights at the time of his transfer.

DIS received a 40 per cent share of the leftover €17m yet the court believes the actual fee paid to Santos was €25m.

The club also admitted that it paid nearly €100m (about R1.49 billion) for Neymar, not the €57.1m (about R855.7m) it originally claimed.

Barcelona hoped to bring an end to the murky affair when the club agreed to pay a 5.5-million-euro fine in a deal with prosecutors in June to settle a separate case and ensure the club avoided trial on tax-evasion charges over the transfer.

Yet the trial will do nothing to improve Barcelona's image, after teammates Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano were both handed suspended jail sentences for similar offences.

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