Palestinian Leader Eats Candy during His Much-Publicized Hunger Strike

Palestinian Leader Eats Candy during His Much-Publicized Hunger Strike

Palestinian Leader Eats Candy during His Much-Publicized Hunger Strike

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails have gone on an open hunger strike since last April 17 demanding improvement of their conditions of captivity.

Sit-in tents have sprouted up across the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza strip in solidarity with the prisoners, who entered their 23 day of hunger strike on Tuesday.

Israeli officials alleged Barghouti launched the strike to further his political ambitions.

In parallel with the strike, local solidarity activities continue with the striking prisoners throughout the Palestinian governorates, while Arab and European cities and capitals witness other solidarity activities with the prisoners.

Barghouti, a senior member of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah party and a highly popular figure among Palestinians, is serving five life sentences over his role in the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising. The video, purporting to show Barghouti snacking, was released Sunday.

The franchise's official Facebook page on Monday posted an image released earlier by Israeli prison authorities, allegedly showing Marwan Barhgouti breaking his hunger strike.

Fadwa and other wives and relatives have had no access to the hunger strikers, a situation the International Committee for the Red Cross, the United Nations and other organisations are trying to resolve with Israel.

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Pizza Hut Israel is a franchise of the company in the country, with dozens of kosher outlets. "Barghouti, if you are going to break your (hunger) strike, isn't pizza the better choice?" a screenshot of the post said, with a pizza box seemingly photoshopped into the picture.

The initial post has since been removed from Pizza Hut Israel's Facebook page.

The post, which Pizza Hut stated came from an agency, has since been removed.

In response to the ad, a large number of Palestinians called for a boycott of the pizza chain on social media.

"Pizza Hut is ridiculing the prisoners' strike", activist Alaa Abu Diab wrote on Facebook, using the hashtag #boycott_pizzahut.

He said the hunger strike had entered 23th day today, but global community had taken no notice of it.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which calls for boycotting Israel until it ends the occupation of Palestinian territories, said it supported calls to snub Pizza Hut.

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