Rounds: Senate health care bill 'a long ways' away

Rounds: Senate health care bill 'a long ways' away

Rounds: Senate health care bill 'a long ways' away

A Quinnipiac University National survey released Thursday found that just 21 percent of us voters support the recently revised American Health Care Act, which looks to undo much of President Barack Obama's signature health care law through refundable tax credits, overhauls to Medicaid and an expansion of health savings accounts, among other things.

Third District Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.) last week voted to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Kevin Brady, Ed Royce, Martha McSally, Greg Walden, and Steve Scalise, among others.

Paul Kane, writing for The Washington Post, thinks they were not so much celebrating the passage of a poor health care bill, but a badly needed legislative victory that Trump was lacking during his first 100 days in office.

The AHCA also would end the requirement that plans offer a minimum set of benefits and would allow insurers to charge more for pre-existing conditions if the state has an available alternative such as a high-risk pool. Since about three-fourths of Americans, according to polling, don't want insurance to be priced out of the range of those who are ill, the Republicans are vulnerable on this point, and they know it.

Rightfully so. This is one more glaring example of our elected officials ignoring the wishes of the people who elected them. He's on the working group in the Senate to address health care.

Contrary to Trump, the House bill isn't "every bit as good" on pre-existing conditions as Obamacare. But an estimated 14 million people who would qualify for Medicaid 10 years from now would be denied access to the program.

"We can not wait any longer to bring relief to the American people suffering under Obamacare", Kinzinger said.

What the American Health Care Act could mean for you

More than 68,000 West Virginians would lose Medicaid coverage by 2018, according to the American Hospital Association, with five million losing coverage nationally.

Under the House bill, most of that money would go to a tax cut for households earning more than $250,000; the rest would reduce the federal deficit.

House Democrats, led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), have said GOP lawmakers will lose their seats over the bill.

Like Trump's proposal on tax reform, the revised bill, which had failed on a previous vote, is a windfall for the wealthy and awful blow to the indigent and elderly.

Republicans have been under fire for several provisions in the recently passed House healthcare bill that could take away healthcare services for women. This is the bill the American people are familiar with right now, and convincing them that any updates are going to be marked improvements is going to be hugely hard.

During last year's campaign, Trump paid lip service to improving the USA health care system.

That report is expected to include estimates of how many more Americans would become uninsured under that controversial bill than if Obamacare remained in place.

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