Elon Musk shows a demo of his underground traffic tunnel

Elon Musk shows a demo of his underground traffic tunnel

Elon Musk shows a demo of his underground traffic tunnel

Even though Elon Musk described his new Boring Company as "a few engineers and interns", it seems to be moving incredibly fast. It's not boring at all. "Future tunnels will cover all of greater L.A". It shows a test run of an electric sled that would swiftly move cars through the tunnels at 125 miles per hour (200 km/h), automatically shifting from one tunnel to another. His caption for the video on Instagram cautions "Warning, this may cause motion sickness or seizures".

This video shows off the very front of Musk's tunnel-boring machine, known as the cutterhead.

SpaceX senior engineer Steve Davis is leading the development of technology for The Boring Company's tunnels, and Musk previously revealed that the transportation system should eventually fit roughly 30 layers of tunnels and a hyperloop.

The footage shows what strapping your vehicle to one of these sleds and hurtling at 125 miles per hour would look like.

In a series of Twitter and Instagram posts, the billionaire brainiac showed off pictures of The Boring Company's experimental tunneling machine (nicknamed "Godot", after the famous Samuel Beckett in which the characters wait for something to happen, which doesn't happen).

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The project is one of Musk's latest ventures, which was inspired by a desire to alleviate "out of control" traffic in Los Angeles.

Cars could access and depart the tunnels through roadside auto elevators, each of which Musk said would require the room of only two parking spaces.

Inside the tunnel is expected to be found a "3D" transport network, that will see Mr Musk's company provide travel through the ground. Musk promises trips between Westwood and LAX, a trip that can take up to 30 to 45 minutes to normal LA traffic, would be a speedy five minutes via his tunnel.

Musk discussed the concept in depth during a recent TED talk in Vancouver.

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